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Ceiling Grid Systems

     The Classic Stab System features the 15/16” (24 mm) face width that is widely used in interior designs today. Strong staked-on end tabs are incorporated into the cross tee design to provide quick and easy installation with optimal tightness among installed components.

All the essential acoustical and drywall suspension systems for your projects, including fire-rated, seismic, and dimensional grid options. From standard 15/16” suspension systems to drywall corridor grid, plus trim and installation accessories to get the job done fast and done right.

The Elite Narrow Stab System features a slim 9/16" (15 mm) face width to enhance design flexibility and to complement finer, contemporary designs. Cross tees incorporate a staked-on end tab to ensure quick installation with optimal tightness.

The Smoothline Bolt Slot System offers contemporary flair and extended design flexibility. This system complements many of today's modern designs and provides a uniform surface when installed with appropriate Narrow Reveal Edge ceiling panels.

Watch to gain some tips from the pros on planning, laying out, and installing your ceiling grid systems!

     Sometimes acoustical ceilings aren’t practical for a particular project. They may not fit within the design requirements of certain designers and architects. Additionally, repairing the existing drywall or plaster ceilings on a project may not be possible either because of duct work, data lines, gas lines or other accessory units that may need to be installed to accommodate the lifestyle of people today.


In some cases the only option in order to retain the existing look of the hard ceiling would be to install a suspended drywall ceiling system. This allows all accessories to be installed into the cavity above the grid systems.


Drywall ceiling systems can be installed almost anywhere you would install a suspended acoustical ceiling. Here are some installation tips on installing them.

Watch and learn what industry veterans have to say about CertainTeed QuickSpan™ Locking Drywall Grid System when installing a corridor. 
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